What are the benefits of using a paper tray?

Paper tray is a paper tray product that uses waste paper as raw material to shape a certain shape. So it has four major advantages: the raw material is waste paper, including cardboard, waste box paper, waste white edge paper, etc., with a wide range of sources; The production process is completed by processes such as pulping, adsorption molding, drying and shaping, which is environmentally friendly; Can be recycled; Its volume is smaller than that of foam plastic, it can overlap, and transportation is convenient. Currently, it is developing very rapidly. So what are the benefits of using a paper tray?

What are the benefits of using a paper tray:

1. The paper tray process technology is simple and practical, and the production process is basically pollution-free, meeting the requirements of clean production. In addition, in all processes of its production line, except for the high requirements for personnel quality in automatic control system management, all other processes are proficient in technology, which can be mastered and applied after short-term training. In addition, the high degree of localization of its equipment is very conducive to the popularization and promotion of this project, which is also a convenient condition for quickly leveraging the environmental advantages of paper pulp molded products.

2. Wide source of raw materials and high cost. It mainly uses waste paper or annual herbaceous fiber pulp, and the raw materials can be adapted to local conditions, inexhaustible.

3. The product has high strength, good plasticity and cushioning performance.

4. Lightweight, low recycling cost, and reusable.

5. Good protection, interchangeability, and spring performance.

6. From production use to waste treatment, it has no pollution to the environment, reduces water consumption during the production process, eliminates wastewater discharge, and reduces environmental pollution.

7. Good breathability and unique benefits for the packaging of fresh products.

8. Pulp pallets have good water absorption, hydrophobicity, and thermal insulation properties. If special additives are added during the production process, they also have special properties such as waterproofing, oil resistance, and high temperature resistance.

9. Modern production technology can achieve high-speed, automated mass production.