What are the uses of paper pallet packaging

Many electronic equipment are very sensitive to environmental hazards, such as fear of impact, Electrostatic induction, damp and cold, and rust. Therefore, the selection of packaging is very careful. The packaged goods will not be affected during transportation and storage. Therefore, paper tray packaging with buffer, waterproof, anti rust treatment, and anti-static characteristics is a very good choice, and special modifiers can be added during processing to expand its characteristics!

Household appliance gaskets: Many products in the household appliance industry use foamed plastic as the lining. However, due to the environmental pollution caused by foamed plastic to the natural environment, many capitalist countries in Europe have rejected this type of packaging at this stage, which poses a threat to the company's import and export market sales. Therefore, regardless of raw materials, production and manufacturing, environmentally friendly paper pallet packaging with zero pollution has gradually become a stronger choice, And the paper tray has the advantages of good ductility and buffering power, which can fully consider the packaging regulations of household appliances!

Fragile article spacers: For fragile articles such as Laminated glass, porcelain, eggs and poultry, the packaging used in the past is difficult to achieve satisfactory anti shock effect, but the paper tray packaging has a very good buffer and shock absorption capacity, especially the dry pressed paper tray has low regulations on raw material processing technology and low cost, so it can be used in mass production!

Food (Drug) Packaging: At present, paper tray packaging can be customized for various types, so it is gradually starting to be used in the food industry. Apart from Chinese fast food products, many drugs, semi-finished products, cooked meat products, and fast food can be packaged in paper molds. It is not only clean, hygienic, and convenient to use, but also recyclable and reusable!